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2023-2024 Pageant Royalty

2023-2024 miss and teen.jpg

Miss Belpre

Kelsi Van Fossen


Miss Teen

Jolie Floding

Jolie is the 17-year-old daughter of Jason and Molly Floding. She attends Williamstown High School where she is currently a junior. Jolie also volunteers with Belpre Safety Town every year and started volunteering at GoPack's in Marietta. She is also in the Williamstown concert band where she plays the saxophone. Jolie also loves going to car shows in the summer and driving her Miata. She wants to attend college at WVU for the Music in Business and Industry program.

2023-2024 miss and teen.jpg
2023-2024 jr miss.jpg

Junior Miss Belpre

Kolbie Gutberlet

Little Miss Belpre

Veronica Petty

2023-2024 little mr and miss.jpg
2023-2024 little mr and miss.jpg

Little Mister Belpre

Harrison Barclay
Harrison is the 6-year-old son of Saebra Barclay-Green. He attends Martin Elementary School as a kindergartner. When hes not studying sight words he is out riding his dirt bike and having fun! When Harrison grows up, he wants to be a cop so he can catch the bad guys!

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