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Belpre Homecoming Pageants

The Belpre Homecoming Pageants are open to all Washington County residents ages 5-20. Our pageants are held the first weekend in August during the Belpre Homecoming at Civitan Park. Each category will have a personal interview with the judges, onstage introduction, modeling, and onstage questions. We hope every participant walks away with new friendships, a little more confidence and experiences that will help them throughout their life.
Little Miss and Mister Belpre will be held Thursday, August 1st. This category is for children ages 5-8. Both boys and girls are asked to dress in their "Sunday Best."
Junior Miss Belpre will be held on Friday, August 2nd. This category is for young girls ages 9-12. They are asked to dress in their "Sunday Best."
Miss Teen and Miss Belpre will be held Saturday, August 3rd. Miss Teen Belpre is for teens ages 13-16. They are asked to dress in a short cocktail dress. Miss Belpre if for young women ages 17-20. They are asked to wear an evening gown.

Meet the Pageant Board:

Kirsten Gillian

Kirsten has been involved in pageants since 2014. She held the title of Miss Belpre in 2016. She has grown up going to the Belpre Homecoming and has always looked forward to the summer weekend filled with many events. She is looking forward to being a part of providing the area with a fun filled weekend, while being one of the new co-directors of the Belpre Homecoming Pageant, along the side of her sister Ryleigh Hannah and Sarah Epperly.

Sarah has been a Belpre resident her whole life and graduated from Belpre High School in 2013. She went on to dental hygiene school and graduated West Liberty in 2015. She always knew she wanted to come back to Belpre, as it was HOME. Sarah has been involved in pageantry from a small age and has held multiple titles, including your 2013 Miss Belpre. She and her husband, Ryan have always enjoyed going to the Belpre Homecoming and always experiencing the small town, home town welcoming community and can’t wait to share this with their daughter, Jolene. 

Sarah Epperly

Ryleigh Hannah

Ryleigh has been involved in pageants since 2013. She has held various titles including Junior Miss Belpre, Teen Miss Belpre, and Miss Belpre. She is a 2020 Belpre High School alumni. Ryleigh recently graduated from WSCC with an Associate's Degree in business management technology. She is currently employed at Marietta Memorial Hospital as a registration receptionist. Ryleigh grew up in Belpre and enjoys being active in the community. Being involved in pageants allowed Ryleigh to be active in the small town of Belpre and surrounding areas. Through pageantry, she's gained many skills that she uses every day. Ryleigh hopes that everyone enjoys not only the pageants, but the entire Belpre Homecoming.

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